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Veneto is the region of Verona, a major historic and ancient city; Padua, the city of culture par excellence, with the wonderful Scrovegni Chapel, a timeless masterpiece frescoed by Giotto. The historic center of Vicenza, characterized by the classical style of architect Andrea Palladio. Experience the essence of this region your way, your pace. Check out our itineraries for inspiration.

Verona and Lake Garda tour

The Province of Verona is renowned for the beauty of its landscape. This wonderful setting is complemented by tiny borgoes with typical, colored houses and magnificent villas, emblem of an old and gracious prosperity. Numerous buildings of artistic and historic value: castles, towers, hermitages, monasteries, sanctuaries, and old Romanesque parishes and offers a wide variety of opportunities, capable of meeting any expectation. The first stop is Verona, with its remarkable Arena, is the city emblem. In summertime, it becomes the stage for important shows, concerts and operas. Verona is also known worldwide as the city of lovers. It is, in fact, the city of Romeo and Juliet: see Juliet’s house with its famous balcony telling of the tragic love story by William Shakespeare. Verona is a wonderful exemplar of urban, artistic and architectonic integration of the historical epochs from the last 2000 years.  Piazza Erbe is the best example: architecture from the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods harmoniously conjoined with the period of the Della Scala Family and 19th-Century palazzi. . Near the Adige River, other remarkable buildings from the Roman and Scaliger periods mark the most influential historical eras for the city: the fortress of Castelvecchio, now site of the Modern Art Museum; the Scaliger Bridge, an outstanding example of Medieval architecture; and the Scaliger Arches, superb tombs built for the lords of Verona.  Giardino Giusti is one of the most beautiful Italian gardens of the Renaissance, boast landscaping so beautiful that it has been declared a national monument. The drive towards Lake Garda is a drive through the wine region of Valpolicella, a place of rare beauty thanks to the rolling hills that frame a landscape of vineyards, olive and cherry trees. Lake Garda has a wealth of beauty that reveals its best secrets to those who decide to explore it from a different perspective. Lake Garda offers many opportunities to discover its natural and cultural heritage, which can be experienced with family or friends. All you have to do is be curious! Sirmione boasts a unique position, situated on a peninsula that juts for about four kilometers into the lake. The town, in fact, develops over a long, narrow strip of land surrounded by the lake on three sides, offering unmatched panoramas thanks to its altitude, at about 30 m above the lake level. The guide will accompany you on a guided tour of the fascinating old town, through picturesque alleys, old churches and chocolate-box local artisan shops. Guided by the extensive knowledge of your expert guide, you will get in touch with the soul of this poetic village that will reveal its charm and lesser-known corners to you. Churches, villas and castles dotted around the landscape will reveal all the historical charm of these places chosen in the past centuries by noble families as the location of their summer home.

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Padua tour

Padua is one of the oldest and most dynamic Italian cities. Our guide will tell you about the soul of this city, including great classics, the less tourist routes and attractions that must be seen. You will learn about Padua from a real insider. The best way to see Padua’s historic center is on foot, strolling its porticoed roads, splendid piazzas and ancient bridges. Its piazzas are the perfect departure point, particularly Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Frutti, for centuries a daily produce market that is a cross section of citizen life and commerce, as well as the idea venue for seeing and socializing. Another of Padua’s symbols is Caffè Pedrocchi built in the early 1800s, is still today a beloved Paduan locale, and plays host to important cultural exhibits and events. The prestigious Università boasts Galileo Galilei among its esteemed past professors. Yet, certainly no visit to Padua is complete without taking the time to admire the renowned Scrovegni Chapel, one of Giotto’s absolute masterpieces. The lovely Piazza del Santo, with Donatello’s equestrian statue at the center, hosts a grand monumental work dedicated to one of the most venerated saints in the world: St. Anthony. The Basilica di Sant’Antonio is a harmonic equilibrium of Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantine, and Moorish styles; the interiors are embellished with prestigious paintings and sculptures. In the vicinity is the oldest Botanical Garden in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded during the epoch of the Venetian Republic, it was conceived as a place dedicated to the study and cultivation of medicinal plants.

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Vicenza tour

The villas of the Veneto Region reached their apex in the 16th Century with the designs of Andrea Palladio, considered the best architect of his period for the elegance of his forms and the incomparable style he imparted to his creations. Palladio is certainly well-represented in Vicenza and its environs, and constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. In the old city center, the wonderful Piazza dei Signori is dominated by the superb Loggia del Capitanio, and by the impressive Basilica Palladiana, where the architect, unknown at that time, realized the double order of arches and loggias.  The streets and piazzas of Vicenza are dotted with impressive works by Palladio, such as Palazzo Chiericati – one of the most beautiful buildings of the 16th century- and the Teatro Olimpico, originally designed by Palladio and later developed by Vincenzo Scamozzi. Outside the city, Villa Almerico Capra, known as La Rotonda, is Palladio’s undisputed masterpiece, with sumptuous interios, frescoes, and stuccoes.  Not far away, Villa Valmarana “ai Nani” (dwarfs), Palladio deserves the credit for the elegance and harmony of the architectural forms, while Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo are responsible for the wonderful paintings decorating the interiors. Different talents combined to create a remarkable and invaluable construction.  Tiepolo is the other great artist who contributed to the artistic beauty of Vicenza and its Province. It is possible to admire his canvases throughout the city. 

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