There are 5 major lakes in Italy: Lake Garda, Iseo, Como, Lugano and Maggiore.

But can you see enough of one lake on a day trip to make the day out worthwhile? Yes, absolutely!

With 1 day you certainly won’t be able to see everything! But, you’ll be able to see a good portion of the best places to visit and get a good feel for this beautiful part of Italy!

Let’s start from the largest, Lake Garda with Sirmione, one of the best and most popular resorts on the lake.

Sirmione is easily accessible and is in the middle of the popular tourist route between Milan, Verona and Venice.

A boat ride around the peninsula is a must to do once you are here, but other attractions not ti be missed are also Grotte di Catullo, Rocca Scaligera Castle, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and Church of San Pietro in Mavino

Come with us to Lake Como in the next Travel Experience.