The heart of the city with its narrow streets is compact and full of impressive churches, palaces, monasteries, convents, and castles. Its streets pattern, its wealth of historic buildings and its setting on the Bay of Naples provides an outstanding experience without parallel. Exclusive Naples private city tour allows you to experience this Southern Italy jewel through a local eye. Contact us to arrange private tours with expert local guides to engage with this fascinating destination.

Naples historical center guided tour with catacombs

Stroll through Naples labyrinthine ancient streets and discovering significant sites and hidden gems. Your private guide leads you in the heart of the city, covering the most iconic sights, sharing friendly insights, entertaining you with the legends and secrets of the city you may not have thought to visit on your own. Walk along Spaccanapoli that cuts the town in two, throughout monumental churches dating back 13th and 14th century, ruins of a Greek theater, beautiful squares and obelisks admire the monastery of Saint Chiara with the cloister, the Gesù Nuovo church, Saint Domenico square, visit Saint Severo chapel where the majestic statue of  “Veiled Christ” made by Giuseppe Sammartino is preserved. Proceed on via dei Tribunali the most chaotic and full-of-life street of the town, admire the church of Saint Lorenzo, the chapel of Pio Monte di Misericordia with the masterwork of Caravaggio called “The Seven Works of Mercy” and the cathedral of Saint Gennaro with its great baroque style chapel where the blood of the Saint is preserved. Finish with the visit of Saint Gennaro catacombs and discover what lies beneath street level as you see stunning frescoes and Byzantine paintings from the 9th to the 10th century AD.

Durationfrom 2 to 4 hrs

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Naples discovery tour

The city looks like an imposing  amphitheater facing the beautiful gulf of Naples, founded by the Greeks and enlarged by the Romans, offers an unforgettable blend of extravagant art, monumental history and charming folklore Naples discovery tour is designed for discerning travelers who want to delve into the city rich history and cultural traditions. Start from the imposing New Castle, from 13th century, one of Naples most iconic buildings. Admire majestic San Carlo theatre, Europe oldest working theater, walk inside the Umbero I Gallery full of artworks and architecture, pass by Piazza del Plebiscito, the largest square in Naples and then make your way to the Royal Palace, a piece of the royal Neapolitan history. Keep walking and find yourself breathless in front of one of the most amazing panorama in the world, the Gulf of Naples with the Vesuvius, the Castel dell’Ovo and the splendid seafront with the best hotels of the city.

Duration3 hours

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Capodimonte Museum tour

Delve into the rich history of the museum, housed in an 18th-century royal palace. Explore a range of Renaissance and Baroque offerings. Look out for masterpieces from artists including Caravaggio, Titian and Raphael. Admire the legendary Farnese and Bourbon Collection, the works by Titian, Botticelli, Bellini, and Brueghel, as well as Parmigianino and Correggio, listen the history behind the museum’s highlights and the tales about the building itself, which was once a royal abode. See a depiction of the “Crucifixion” by Masaccio, and “The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine” by Carracci. Discover drawings by Michelangelo, as well as art by El Greco, Titian, and many more. Wander into the old apartments to see regal ballrooms and reception rooms with vast chandeliers and elegantly frescoed walls, exquisite boudoirs furniture and a collection of royal porcelain and majolica.

Duration3 hours

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Archeological museum guided tour

The National Archeological Museum is one of the most ancient and important museums for the abundance and uniqueness of its heritage and for the contribution it offered the European cultural survey. Accompanied by our expert guide discover a trove of ancient Greek and Roman art, browse archaeological treasures excavated from Pompeii and Herculaneum, marvel over colorful mosaics and ancient frescos. The core of the Museum is the Farnese Collection, with many masterpieces collected through the ages, from the most prized engraved gems to an extensive marble statues from ancient times, including the statue of Hercules, one of Atlas or the famous Farnese Bull. Among others, you will admire and learn more about the bronze pieces from the Villa of Papyri, the mosaics from the House of the Faun in Pompeii, as well as an interesting Egyptian historical collection. These are just some of the things one can experience during this private visit of the Archaeological Museum.

Duration3 hours

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Naples street food tour

Get a true taste of one of Italy’s culinary capitals with a food and sightseeing tour of Naples. Spend 3 hours exploring the city, stopping at the city’s main squares and basilicas in the historical center as well as at hidden eateries to sample traditional dishes. Learn the history of Naples as you make your way from one mini-feast to the next. Come hungry: the tasting tour is a meal in itself. Enjoy a morning or evening tour in one of Italy’s culinary capitals. Sample some famous street food on the go including folded pizza, deep fried vegetables and fish, pasta pastries, etc. Explore Naples’ cultural attractions between tastings, including the historic main street and the Santa Chiara complex. Our tour ends visiting Piazza Plebiscito, the biggest monumental square of Naples, where you will see the famous San Carlo Theatre, the Royal Palace and Galleria Umberto. Here you will have the chance to sample Naples’ traditional cakes: Babà and Sfogliatelle accompanied by the real Neapolitan espresso or a glass of limoncello. Includes vegetarian options.

Duration3 hours

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Pizza making class

Naples is birth place of pizza which is considered one of the monuments Neapolitans are most proud of. So there is no better place to join a real pizza making class than in the  heart of Naples. Eating pizza in Naples is a real prerequisite for any visitor, but if you have the chance to learn how to make it with your hands and surprise your family and friends once you’ll get back home, this is the real highlight. You will learn the techniques and secrets that lie behind the preparation of the pizza. the real Neapolitan pizza, under the expert guidance of a professional pizza maker, you will learn how to create a perfect mixture, and season your pizza with local ingredients.

Duration2 hours

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